Also known as spider veins, thread veins are incredibly common and appear as thin blue or red lines on the surface of the skin, usually on the legs. Although they don’t cause any health problems and have no symptoms many people wish to have them removed for aesthetic reasons. They can be associated with varicose veins but also present in people who don’t suffer from varicose veins.


Once it has been ascertained whether the thread veins have any associated varicose veins, Mr Darby may be able to treat them with sclerotherapy. Chemicals are injected into the thread veins themselves causing them to shrivel so no blood can flow through them. Afterwards, you wear compression garments to help the veins to seal off and stop the blood flowing back into them and then after a few weeks they should fade. If the veins are very fine it might not be possible to treat the veins and you may need to see a cosmetic dermatologist for laser therapy.

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