There is a big shift from insured varicose veins to self pay. Insured policies are expensive and some companies are becoming less likely to approve even insured patients for intervention. As a result patients are becoming more cost conscious. I have given guidelines for costs but sometimes these could be less. Please ask.

Veins news locally

A slight easing of vein criterial for the NHS has occurred in Oxfordshire. See vein Lavender statements, Oxford Commissioning Group. Now skin changes are an allowed factor. If you are wondering if you might be entitled to NHS treatment ask your Gp or I can see you and advise.

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

You may be seeing many treatments on offer for varicose veins. You should consider how painful will the treatment be, how effective is the treatment and how high is the recurrence rate along with other important considerations such as cost. Some treatments will be less painful but might have a higher rate of recurrence. This would apply to local injection treatments (sclerotherapy). The more extensive treatments such as conventional surgery and radiofrequency ablation (VENEFIT) have a lower recurrence rate but are sometimes more painful for a few days

We are now seeing some newer variations of established treatments. For example glue. No long term results are known at present so I will wait and see on that one

The best solution is to have an opinion from an expert who can balance all the options with your preferences.


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